The man behind the sack
My name is Iisakki Haapalehto. I am freelance illustrator, designer and artist from Finland
My visual mission in this world is to fill the world with eye-catching imagery full of humour and color
I am influenced by  skateboard-, snowboard and street art and I am focused on creating visual material towards these amazing mediums.
When not designing skateboards, I do a lot of clothing graphic- and logo design work, along with various fine art projects.
I am currently accepting all kinds of freelance work. If you like the style on works and are interested in working with me, feel free to get in touch!
"Realm of Fine Arts 2022" - Exhibition  10.6-28.8 at Mänttä
"What is it like to be a young artist in this day and age? How does the present appear in contemporary art? What do visual artists want to highlight? When art and reality intertwine, we too get to see what kind of mountains surround us."
The exhibition has been curated by visual artist and curator Katriina Rosavaara.
"Ouroboros 2020" - Exhibition  1.10.2020 at Elämystehdas Lappari
A curated group exhibition exploring the circular economy. Made in partnership with the Kierto 10-program.

”Ulos ruudusta" - Exhibition 1.12.2020 at The Arctic Comics Centre
A group exhibition displaying 3D-printed characters and comics. The 3D-characters were printed, painted and then put on display at "The Arctic Comics Centre" in Kemi, along with the comics related to them.

"Piot Valopilkku Tähdenlentoja" - Exhibition 5.11.-6.11.2021 at Minerva Campus
A digital art exhibition highlighting the works of students from the visual arts program.

"Tornio 400 -Torniolaisen popmusiikin tarina" - Concert  12.2021 at Lappia Campus
A group exhibition at "Tornio 400 -Torniolaisen popmusiikin tarina" concert.

Arctic Design Week "Patched Soil" – Exhibition 21.3.2022 - 27.3.2022 at Rinteenkulma
A digital art exhibition highlighting the works of students from the visual arts program.